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Microchip Information

Microchips from us are $55.00 each, which includes the chip registrations with the Smart Tag's registry.  This is a national database which is contacted, should your pet ever become lost and recovered. Collars can fall off and get lost, or simply removed by would-be thieves.  This is such a wonderful service to provide for your new puppy he/she will thank you with an extra puppy kiss!!!


Interested in Microchipping your new puppy?  This is the best way to help your new baby return home to you, should he/she ever become lost or stolen.  Did you know that 1 in 3 pets get lost at some point in his/her life and only 14% of dogs and 4% of cats who end up in animal shelters are returned to their owners?  Don't let this happen to your beloved family member!!

Your puppy will be registered with Smart Tag. 

This recovery network accepts registrations of ALL US microchips, no matter which brand!

Microchips are required, within 10 days of adoption, for the health guarantee to take effect.

Microchips are used by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the study of such animals as grizzly bears, black-footed ferrets and giant land tortoises. 
These endangered animals carry safe, permanent I.D. chips. They can be observed and protected while their habits are studied in a humane way. 

Over 132,000 animals have been aided in finding their owners because they were microchipped!
8-12 million pets are stolen annually, and 30-60% of these are euthanized annually according to the Humane Society.
Collars fall off, but microchips are forever.  They are virtually painlessly inserted in the back of the neck, under the skin and never have to be replaced. They are the size of rice. 
Theses chips are accepted by the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club , United Kennel Club, American Canine Association, American Pet Registry, and the USDA as means of identification.


If your dog has a microchip, no one can ever deny the lost or stolen dog is YOURS!
Many a dog is stolen to make a quick buck at a laboratory.
These professional dog stealers are called "BUNCHERS".  They obtain dogs from "free pet" ads or just simply steal them.

We will only guarantee our pups, if microchipped for POSITIVE identification.
The price is $55.00, which includes the registration with AKC Reunite, NO ADDITIONAL FEES EVER, unless you later choose to re-home your dog, then there is a one-time fee to transfer the registration to a new owner.
If you prefer, this may be done at a vet's office, their prices will likely very from one vet to another.  You may check with them for their prices before purchasing your puppy, but please bare in mind that microchips are now required, within 10 days of adoption, for your new puppy's health guarantee to take effect.

***We reserve the right to substitute an alternate brand if the Smart Tag chips are out of stock, but we will always use a reputable company.***

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