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We found Northern Lakes Labs and adopted Lucas when he was 6 months old and fell in love instantly! So much so about a month in we were ready for another one and now we have Phoebe. These are the sweetest, most loving dogs! They have been the perfect addition to our family and would highly recommend anyone looking to add a furry family member to go to Northern Lakes Labs!

Shadow (Sonshine x Samson), our three-year-old male, truly lives up to his name. He follows me everywhere. His favorite place to sleep is at my feet while I'm working at my desk or on my lap while I'm reading a book. He has a competitive spirit and enjoys playful tussles with Chanel and our cat Yeti. Chanel (Beloved Labs Boaz), our five-year-old-female and retired NLL mama, loves snuggling. Her happy, laid-back demeanor and beautiful amber eyes are her finest traits. She is a strong, sturdy girl with good hunting-retrieving instincts. She is great with other dogs and cats and enjoys her treats and chewy toys. Shadow and Chanel are both trainable and eager-to-please. They are generally calm and quiet. True companions, they love their people and each other.

Our little man "Jackson" is the sweetest, most adorable, loving dog we have ever owned! People always comment on his looks, but it is his personality that will win you over. Dan and Alitha were more than helpful, even months after we brought Jackson home with the myriad of questions that I constantly asked. I always recommend Northern Lakes Labradors to anyone looking for a reputable breeder with beautiful dogs!

Penny J.

Jessica C.

Nan I.

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